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Conference & Event Registration

Integrated Registration

Registration Integrated With Membership Database

Custom Sign-up Pages

Individuals or Groups

Easy options for your membership and sponsors to purchase according to their own needs.


All kinds of purchase options available to include program packages and special events.


Payments go immediately and directly into your bank account. No transaction fees from One World.

Complimentary Passes

Easy to grant access to VIPs and staff.


Attendees can build their own meeting agenda so they don’t miss important events.


Learn what your membership really wants by following their activity throughout the event.

Conference and Event Registration

The Complete Conference Platform

Everything is About Your People.

First Impressions Make an Impact

For most attendees registration is their first look at how the meeting is going be presented. Make sure they are impressed from the start.

Make It Easy for Attendees to Join

Our pages and processes follow the simplest and most logical path to make registration a good experience.

Build Anticipation

Attractive calendar display invites attendees to sign up. They can create their own agenda with reminders for Outlook and Calendar.

Start Now

Talk to Us About Your Registration Needs

One World can connect to your membership database to share information dynamically.

Whether you can use something “off the shelf” or need a custom registration system, please contact us.