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Presentation Management

The Un-Coolest Part of a Conference. But We Love It.

Conference Presentation Management

We invented the term, "Presentation Management". And, defined the practice.

We are the original 'heads up' speaker ready professionals who connected the dots and developed the first software for managing the large numbers of presentations at conferences.

Any size of meeting

Any number of presentations. Any number of breakouts. Any location.


Big AV talks a good game but, they cannot match One World’s efficiency and know-how.

Show Confidence

Standing at the podium before an audience is when your faculty will appreciate a dedicated team of skilled presentation managers.

True Innovation

We’ve brought new ideas to the conference and association management community for over 30 years. With many miles travelled, having faced countless puzzling situations, and, both led and followed evolving technologies, we know what works for today’s conferences.

Global Experience

We’ve brought Presentation Management in networked speaker ready rooms to over 25 countries. This includes some of the most diverse venues from Kuala Lumpur to Cape Town.

The Presenter

The Presenter is the only method for non-technical people to manage conference presentations. The Presenter promises increased professionalism: smooth sessions, professional appearance, ease and convenience to faculty. All this AND cost savings on your AV budget.

It's All One World

Managed Speaker Ready Rooms in 26 Countries

The Presentation Management Experts

Proven software and systems for any number of presentations and breakout rooms.

First Presentation Management Software in the World

We’ve had a lot of time and opportunity to define and refine our best practices so that we arrive at your meeting with a full action plan for success.

Every Aspect of Presenting

We’ve taught CME courses on all aspects of presenting, from speech writing and stage presence to PowerPoint and Keynote skills.

Experience and Innovation

All of Our Tools and Processes Derived from Field Experience

If good tools would have been available, we would have bought them ourselves. But there is a uniqueness to every situation and it takes a wide range of experience to define best practices.

Time to Level Up

The Presenter™

DYI Speaker Ready Management for Professional Results

With ONE Speaker Ready your staff can manage presentations at your meetings. Save big on your meetings budget AND get acutely attentive people in key positions to make your meetings run seamlessly. Now you can have executive level management and support at even your smallest one-day meetings.

Level Up

Raise the professional standard at all of your meetings with ONE Speaker Ready.

With ONE Speaker Ready you’re not flying solo. One World Presentation Management experts monitor all meetings and can be as involved or uninvolved as you feel comfortable with.


Mark Rosenthal is the Godfather of Presentation Management.