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Make it Easy to Give Feedback

Targeted evaluations

Find Out What is in the Minds of Your Attendees and Participants


On the Conference App, Webinar or Hybrid Session Page, Stand Alone Invites, anywhere you want feedback from your group.

Knowledge is Power

There’s no need for guesswork anymore. Find out what your people are really thinking. Target your evaluations.

Simple or Detailed

Evaluations can be as simple as checking a box, to including comments.

We make it easy

Capture Their Thoughts in the App or Within the Sessions

Timeliness of feedback is a strong predicter of the amount and accuracy of data. Evaluation forms or request links can should be strategically placed.

Knowledge Is Power

Lead More Confidently

Keep Your Program Relevant

Listen to the comments and impressions from session attendees to finely tune your program.

Manage Resources & Inform Budget Decisions

Know what your membership wants more of. And, what can be trimmed.

Support Your Decisions

Data driven decisions earn respect from executive directors and members of the board.

Flexible Forms

Evaluation forms are a great way to collect feedback and measure performance to improve attendee satisfaction. Our online evaluation form templates are highly-customizable, and you can use them to rate faculty, sessions, courses, webinars, presentations, or just about anything.