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Award & Grant Application Systems

Streamline All Facets of Process Management

Grant & Award Management

Easy Management and Review

A Helping Hand

Contributing to students or beginners through scholarships and bursaries that help to cover the high costs of education.

Help Tomorrow’s Leaders

Better position learners to succeed in your rapidly evolving profession.

Recognize Achievements

Recognizing exceptional people who have made significant contributions to your organization or community.

Awards and Grant Application and Management Software

Process Management

Accept Submissions for Awards or Special Grants

Link to Membership Database

View details of grants or awards for authors in the abstract system to follow through on the benefits of the gift.

Collaborate Online

Easy for review and judging committee to collaborate on submissions.

Any Purpose

The Award & Grant System can actually be converted to almost any purpose where you have a selection process. Talk to us.

Our Platform Overview

The One World software packages are loaded with features to help physicians, scientists, and industry organizations collaborate on your conference program.