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Proven Best for Life Sciences Webinars

One World is the only platform where speakers interact in real time with the audience. Experience real-time connection with none of the awkward pauses during polls. Your audience stays engaged with the lowest latency between live speakers and viewers. Faculty look better and learners stay on longer.

Near Instant Collaboration

One World webinars broadcast on the fastest content deliver network to a global audience. Our team members are all polished presentation experts.

Professional Experience

One World staff are polished professionals. Our team of designers, editors, developers and technicians are ready for your events.

Green Room

The Green Room is an excellent feature for keeping faculty focused before and during sessions. VOG and private chats.

Multiple Languages

Full translation of webinar site to Spanish, French, or any language required to reach your audience.

Promote In App

Reach out to your audience from within the App. Encourages registration and evaluations etc.


Full analytics on all activity. Polling charts. Flash reports. Measure the reach and effectiveness of your events.

Best and Fastest Webinar Platform for Life Sciences Events

lightspeed technology

The Fastest Platform

Real-Time Interaction

Our broadcast is the fastest in the industry. With One World there’s none of that long lag at the end of a poll while the audience waits for the results to show.

Scalable Technology

Local, National, & Global. One World is perfect for meetings of any size, whether it be for 10 or 10,000 attendees. No matter the size of your event, our unique program with its powerful awareness and analytics tools provide the confidence you need to have a successful meeting.

Take Control of Your Next Event

Our experienced team of producers, directors and designers have a blueprint for successful events and will guide you every step of the way.

Designed for engagement

Stylish Player

Good design isn't just 'Eye Candy'. Effective design helps users absorb information quicker and better.

Make Life Easier

Ensure the highest degree of participation at your next event.

Our onsite app seamlessly integrates onsite participants with online. Hybrid meetings are talked about but our platform brings everyone into the same moment.
Polling, Q&A, Chats are simultaneously available to all.
Analytics are instant and comprehensive.

Best and Fastest Webinar Platform for Life Sciences Events

Custom Professional Webinars

Take control of your next event
Any event. Any audience. Anywhere.