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10 Nov
Digital generated image of abstract swirl turbulent twisted ribbon with striped pattern and glass spheres around it on white background.
Women VS. Technical Gobbledygook
Category: Business
Do you ever find yourself in meetings where someone starts talking about audio visual (AV) or information technology (IT) and you have no idea what they’re saying? Or, even w...
11 Aug
how to meet the challenges of the future
How to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Environment
Category: Business
In this world of constant disruption, no single organization can possess the necessary skills in all sectors to keep up. Already at many North American companies, a significant num...
13 Jul
Benefits of Hiring a Boutique Company
Benefits of Hiring a Boutique Company
Category: Business
Building a respected brand for your events is hard. Finding a service provider that can deliver knockout results is even harder.
02 May
Shot of a young businesswoman working late on a computer in an office
Welcome to Our Platform
Category: Business
It is a great pleasure to be launching our new all-inclusive website after so many months of thrashing about ideas and imagery, diving so deep enough to question the very essence o...