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It is a great pleasure to be launching our new all-inclusive website after so many months of thrashing about ideas and imagery, diving so deep enough to question the very essence of our identity!

What client say

Over the past 32 years, One World has engaged in almost every facet of conference and association management, albeit with an evolving focus to meet the changing needs of the day. And, technically speaking, those days have changed a lot! But one thing that stayed the same is what our name has always directly spoken to, the need to make clients look good in their communications transcended all the upgrades to the tools we use.

Like everyone else, we were affected in a big way by COVID, and from the very beginning of the pandemic, we chose to take a long view on how we confronted that change, as well as, in how we prepared for the change we are in now. Fortunately, we have always had a strong presence and robust product line of online services to build on.

And build on them is exactly what we did. Now our online and onsite products are fully integrated, enabling even greater service to each and every meeting. And we’ve followed through on integrating everything under one online presence, Today is our launch.


We hope you will be a part of this new chapter in our story.

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